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July 25, 2012 / haubertdashery


I was recently invited to a lake party.  I hate going to parties empty-handed and since food and alcohol were already being provided, I thought a little bit of entertainment was in order. I decided that I was going to make MEGAJENGA and that’s what I did.

(On a side note, whenever I say ‘MEGAJENGA’ in my head, it always echoes for at least a few seconds, like on one of those radio advertisements for a monster truck rally. “TRUCK-A-SAURUS! . . .”)

luckily I have access to a table saw

Half an hour on the saw and I had just fabricated the most entertaining summer drinking game ever.  Cue the lake party:

oh, hello!

I hadn’t really given any thought to the rules until this point, so I just made them up along the way. It was my game and nobody there knew the rules to regular-jenga anyway.



my dress has fish on it. I made that too.

putting ’em all to shame

oh no….


After about a gallon of margaritas per person and five hours of MEGAJENGA, we called it a day.
P.S. If you’d like to play MEGAJENGA, just have a drink waiting for me and I’ll be right over.


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