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January 6, 2013 / haubertdashery

Installation Weekend

This weekend I decided to install all of the pieces that I’ve collected over the past couple of months.  Unfortunately, I have a very tiny apartment so I had to use my thinking sponge (aka brain).  I don’t have much wall space. Most of it is door, window, or kitty space.  But since I have come to appreciate art (thanks Jessica!) I can’t not display every piece I own.


A few of the newer pieces

Fortunately, I had some help:


Kitten (小龜)


Clementine + needlepoint raccoon pillow


Sumeet (boyfriend extraordinaire)

There are so many holes in my beautiful plaster walls now, but no worries. Take a look at these beauties….


X-mas presents from my big sis, Judy


a collaborative piece by my friend Gerard Pefung

So, no, I didn’t show you any of the actual installation of these pieces. That’s another post. Just enjoy the kitty pics and relax…..


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