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June 18, 2013 / haubertdashery

The Cat on the Bookshelf

I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of ladies who had seen my blog before I met them.  They assumed it was a cat blog, which after reviewing all of posts, it totally (inadvertently) is.  Almost every post is about or includes a picture of a cat. So hey, now this blog is about me, my friends, my city, my cats, my friends’ cats, & everything else.  Now, on to the kitties!

I took an independent study during my last semester in school and I decided to design a multipurpose piece of furniture. GUESS WHAT IT IS!!


Still not sure?


It’s a modular kitty shelf! Perfect for people who have lots of kitties and lots of books (like my friend, Dan, who was the inspiration behind this idea). I wanted to create a piece that could change and expand over time as you accumulate more books or your kitties tire of the current configuration. And it doesn’t stop there.  With the help of Ben Petersen at Bench, the kitty shelf is a reality. I was lucky enough to find a kitty model. Meet Miles (aka Baby Boy).


If you’d like one for your kitties, I’d be happy to oblige.


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